Gud Maanin to Belize

Gud Maanin to Belize

Caye Caulker

1. The Blue Hole Dive – The Blue hole is the most famous dive site in the world. A gruelling, thrilling and ridiculously bumpy boat ride for 3 hours off the coast of Belize to reach the blue hole. You put on your Scuba gear and then plunge down to a rapid decrease of 40 metres (this is beyond the recreational dive limits and pushing you below the max). With a bottom time of 6-8 minutes in total, making your way through the famous Stalactites with Caribbean Reef sharks looping around them with you. It’s a dangerous dive as you keep decreasing in metres without realising ( I think I got down to 45 metres without realising). You start to get symptoms of Nitrogen Narcosis which give you a ‘drunk effect’ when down at depths that low. The outcome of the dive is spectacular formations and diving with sharks. The best dive I’ve ever done without a doubt.


P1070593 P1070588 P1070581 P1070585 P1070573
2. Lighthouse Reef Dives – Around the blue hole, on the Lighthouse reef we did two more dives. Both visibility is ridiculously clear and you are swimming with Sharks around you, just incredible. A Divers Paradise!
Snapshot 1 (29-06-2015 19-26)Snapshot 1 (29-06-2015 19-38)Snapshot 2 (29-06-2015 19-38)Snapshot 1 (29-06-2015 19-24)Snapshot 3 (29-06-2015 19-39)P1070625P1070595
3. Snorkelling at Hol Chan – Hol Chan is one of the clearest and sea-life full places in the world to snorkel. Here we were snorkelling with different Sharks, huge Rays and turtles, not to mentions all the colourful fish swimming around us.
P1070538 P1070550Snapshot 2 (29-06-2015 19-21)Snapshot 1 (29-06-2015 19-20)Snapshot 1 (29-06-2015 19-19)Snapshot 1 (29-06-2015 19-18)Snapshot 1 (29-06-2015 19-13)Snapshot 1 (29-06-2015 19-15)Snapshot 1 (29-06-2015 19-16)Snapshot 2 (29-06-2015 19-17)
4. Language – Belize was British ruled therefore having English as their first language, the only country in Central America to do so. This was a relief to be able to speak in English to people after being in Spanish speaking countries for a long time. However, it was still kind of hard to understand as the language is like Jamaican style English (officially known as Creole)

San Ignacio

1. Xulum archaeological site – A Mayan ruins site in Belize.
P1070652 P1070647 P1070642
2. Crystal Caving Day – a full day of climbing through the famous crystal caves. Slipping through very tight spaces and climbing up small ropes to see the shiny formations that glimmer like crystals. When you turn your headlight off you can’t even see your hand in front of your face or even a finger that is millimetres away from your eye, that’s how dark it is.
P1070670 P107066411008510_10206699808036666_989550605664568325_n

3. Blue Hole Pool – A Cool place to go swimming in the blistering heat.
P1070678 P1070673

4. Accommodation – Staying in these lodges in the forest, full of bugs.
P1070655 P1070656 P1070657
5. Heinz Beans – A taste if British, how is this the only country in central america that has Heinz beans where everywhere else is refried beans? very random.
6. Frigate Birds – Surprisingly these do not just exist on the Galapagos, they are also here on a random island off Belize.
P1070623 P1070613

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