Buenas Noches to Colombia

Buenas Noches to Colombia


1. Colombia coffee – Colombia produces one of the world’s best coffee, so a daily trip to Juan Valdez café was on the cards. They make the coffee in a syphon filter, so delicious.
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2. Gringo night – A night out in Bogota for Gringo’s (Foreigners) was one to remember. It’s a place where language exchange (Colombians practice languages with foreigners and vice versa) happens first then it turns into a bar and everyone parties. Interestingly it’s full of lots of Colombian girls wanting to meet foreign guys. Think of Shakira and times that by 10… Nothing to complain about here.

Santa Marta
1. Flight ticket problem – I take a taxi to the airport, being an internal flight I leave it quiet late on to check-in. I get to the airport and cannot find my flight…? Thinking have I purchased a fake ticket or something..? I ask at the desk and they tell me it’s at another terminal about 15 minutes away and take the shuttle there. The slow shuttle took me 30 minutes, I had 5 minutes to check in. But.. there seems to be a problem at check in. supposedly I hadn’t paid for my flight and now it’s toio late to pay for it and check in so I must go and find another flight. Lucky for me another one was departing a few hours later at a cheaper price! Count myself lucky there.

2. Hostel – A fantastic hostel that feels like a resort with swimming pool and hammocks to chill in. Considering Santa Marta is on the Caribbean coast, it’s like 40 degrees plus.
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3. Tayrona National Park – A beautiful place to trek to for a few hours which opens out to an amazing beach.
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1. Old town – Cartagena is a small place secluded inside a boundary of walls.
2. Boca Grande – a beach area full of hotels and restaurants
P1070411 P1070405

3. Nightlife – Colombian nightlife consists of dancing and drinking the night away. Everyone in the clubs are so friendly and I even got a few free salsa steps from some locals.

4. Ceviche Some delicious ceviche on the Colombian coast with some lads who live in Vegas.
20150328_214730 20150328_215121

1. Paragliding – A last minute decision to take a trip up a mountain and go Paragliding. The instructor asked if I wanted to do some aerobatics but regretfully it nearly made me throw up.
P1070426 P1070424

2. Club with Colombian friends – A guy I met on a bus journey had some friends of friends in Medellin and invited me out to go party with them. Such a fantastic time with this bunch of Colombians, they were all soo friendly and again teaching me some salsa moves. Everyone in the club would just dance with everyone and just all having a good time.
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