Pura Vida to Costa Rica

Pura Vida to Costa Rica

Costa Rica


1.Fresh drinking water – Costa Rica!! WOW!! You can drink the Tap water!! Holy Moly!! Something that’s not been able to happen for the past five months. Fresh water from the tap is a luxury!!

2. Unbelievable Coffee – Costa Rica produces some of the best coffee in the world, it’s so tasty. I will now admit, I think I have become a coffee snob! Once you taste the best, it’s hard to go back.

1. Zip lining over rainforest – If you’re going to Zip Line, you MUST do the best and longest one in the world, over the amazing cloud forest of Costa Rica. Just incredible! You fly across like Superman style, at very high heights looking down to the cloud forest, Kind of scary actually but totally awesome.
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2. Bungee jump at 143 metres – After convincing the some of the others in the group to Bungee for the first time, I couldn’t skip this. Relatively priced compared to my New Zealand Nevice bungee a few years back, Being 9 metres higher than my previous jump, I guess I had to go for it. Still as scary as anything to take that leap, but once you’ve made the jump, the buzz feeling afterwards is fantastic. You feel on top of the world and can do anything.
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1. Canyoneering – After doing this for my first time a few weeks back, the amount of fun I had I was sure to sign up to do it again down other waterfalls. These adventurous activities become a kind of addiction and you just want to do more, bigger and better. Another great day out, getting completely soaked in the waterfalls.
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2. Evening Hot Springs – Our tour guide knew an awesome spot to take some candles, jump over this fence and sit in these natural hot springs whilst the sun goes down. A great relaxing evening with the group.

3. Caving – These caves were taking it to another level of tightness and crawling through waterfilled tunnels. Such a cool and wet day. The dark, narrow caves with bats flying around and climbing up into small cracks was soo much fun,

4. Rice and beans, Rice and Beans, Rice and Beans – One thing i forgot to mention for the WHOLE of Central America is that they love their rice and beans. Rice being plain rice and beans being that mushed up refried beans. After spending a while in central america, it was time to get some new ingredients in my diet and move on.

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