Que Pasa to Ecuador

Que Pasa to Ecuador


1. Sightseeing day with Tim – Tim, who was on my tour in Patagonia, after jetting home decided to fly back to South America and explore some more. Fantastic that we was able to cross-over by a couple of days and wander around Quito. A delicious lunch in a hidden restaurant, climbing up to the top of churches to see some great views.
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2. Ecuadorian food – Traditonal Ecuadorian food. One interesting thing is they put popcorn in their soup. At first we didn’t know what to do with the popcorn when they served it, but eventually found out you add it into the soup. It’s funny how something as basic as that is lost in translation of “why are they serving me popcorn with my dinner”?

3. 100% cocoa chocolate bar – Cocoa beans are famously grown in Ecuador, the chocolate is delicious. I opted to buy a Pure 100% Cocoa Chocolate bar. Now in reality, as lovely as it sounds to be happy to have pure a pure cocoa bar, it’s actually very strong and bitter. One byte and that’s all you can have, but atleast I can now say I;ve tried it.

1. Canyoning down waterfalls – Canyoning is an action packed activity which involves repelling down waterfalls, sliding down rocks and plunging into pools. A fantastic day out. The highest repel here was 35 metres, don’t look down as it’s quite a distance down. Water splashing into your body as you hold tightly onto the rope and slowly make your way to the bottom into the plunge pools. Randomly bumped into Louise, who I met in Patagonia, I turned up the the activity and was like heyy I know you!
2. Bungee swing off bridge – After taking a stroll in the morning looking for breakfast, we realised we arrived at a Bridge! This bridge had a bungee swing off of it. As there was no queue, we decided to just go for it. Within the space of 5 minutes, I found myself in the situation where I’m kitted up, taken a step over the barrier on the bridge and the guys are counting down. I had no time at all to think what I was about to do, considering I hadn’t even had my breakfast yet. 5..4..3..2..1.. and I’m gone! 35 metres free fall and then swinging forward and backwards. Exciting times!
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3. Swing to the end of the world – A swing at the top of a mountain is known as ‘Swing to the end of the world”. Not as thrilling as I thought, but it’s a tourist attraction that every traveller will go on. Pictures come out very well though. Being disappointed by the first swing, we opted to go for another swing around 20 minutes further away which was allot more scarier and at a greater height!
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4. Thermal hot baths – Famous thermal hot springs are around Banos. They are open until late, in the evening when its darker, with lights glowing on the nearby waterfalls. Springs which are supposed to be detoxifying for your skin. A nice soak I will say.
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