The Days Leading up to the Adventure

Before the journey begins, there have been many things to sort out in the months/weeks leading up to departure day…

First things first, after taking the decision to go ahead with this adventure, I had to resign from my job. This was the toughest part as after this step, there is no going back to the decision. Leaving a stable, professional job which is in line with my career path is a big decision to make. But what had to be done, is done. I always stand by the belief that “High risk equals High Reward” let’s hope this step follows my beliefs.

Secondly, to raise funds for this Adventure I needed to sell my beloved car,  which as sad as at it was to see  the beauty be driven away by it’s new owner, I sit in the belief it has gone to somone who will look after it (The new owner even had the cheek to text me and say they’ve cleaned the engine out and given the car a nice polish). Looking at the picture below, I thought I gave it the love and attention required.

Audi TT.


Accomplice: After telling my best friend, Veron, about the Adventure, he decided that he couldn’t miss out on this amazing journey and life experience, so he decided to quit his job and join me on the Adventure, we’ve both been busy buying our gear. Things just seem to fall in to place and in our favour the double bank holiday sales saved us both a few bucks. We may just begin to look like the “Travel Twins” as we seem to have bought similar items just in different colours.


Purchases: The biggest item out the bunch is a descent camera I have had my eyes on for a few months.. it was a choice between two so I  bought one (the practical travel option) and Veron once he decided to join the trip decided to buy the other… since this purchase, it’s been a banter filled few weeks of “my camera does this” and “my camera does that” and “do you have any space left in your backpack after that Brick is taking up half the space”.. so I can assure you this battle of the cameras saga will continue for many posts to come..











Jabs: Next on the list was “Jab Week”.. as the name suggests, it was literally a week to ten days of jabs, jabs, tablets and more jabs. My initial appointment at the local Dr’s started with ” Are you well today?” and the response of a “yes” was the reason I came out with two dead arms and two jabs complete. The next few days continued with further vaccinations, but i guess health comes first, so happy to get them all, albeit with a hefty price tag on some of them..

China Watch

China Watch


Cool Watch: Veron decided to get “into the mode” of travelling by trying to save a few quid, so opted to buy a watch which would be delivered from China. So fortunately for me, the order of a single £5 watch lead to the Chinese shipping over twice, so we are now “watch buddies”. though I do question how long this timepiece will last.. If we miss a flight due to times, I know who i’m turning to, to fork out the cost.



Friend Gone: So Veron actually jetted off a few weeks before me to explore Vietnam and Cambodia (which I visited in 2010) and highly recommended to him. Which leaves me with only a few bits to sort out and organise, as the majority of the stuff was sorted before he left.

Final few days of the many farewell dinners and drinks and I’m all ready, set to GO GO GO!!!

World Here I Come

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