¿Como le va? to Honduras

¿Como le va? to Honduras


1. Copan ruins – The central americans love their mayan ruins. We seem to be greeted by these every country we enter.
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2. Delicious Salvadorian Food – A famous dish served up in this lovely small joint, Balaedas. Like a burrito, but different type of flour and mixed with various meats and veggies in the middle, topped with hot sauce.
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3. Journey through most dangerous city in the world  – On route to the Honduras Bay islands, the long bus journey goes through THE most dangerous cities in the world, San Pedro Sula. Over 4 murders a day, craziness statistics! We also had to stopover at the bus station to change buses here. Guards all over the shop with huge rifles.
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1. Jetboarding – Off the beautiful beach in Roatán, we signed up for Jetboarding. This just looked like such a cool thing to do, so we went for it. Your feet are attached to a board, in which the board has two huge water jets underneath, attached to a jetski. You need to have good balance and you will rise up, rise up, rise up into the air. Many failed attempts, diving the jets straight into the air plunging into the sea, but we eventually got the hang of it.
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2. Scuba diving and snorkelling – A great location for Scuba diving, seeing some more cool underwater marine life and coral. Sadly to say I could only do one dive, due to partying the night before. Note to any divers, drinking and diving do not go well together. We also went snorkelling for a day, but a few jellyfish kind of spoilt the session. Damn those Jellys!!

3. West end and west bay – A Beautiful beach are on the island of Roatán.
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4. BBQ Night – Our tour guide suggested it would be a great idea to have a BBQ by the pool. What a great BBQ evening with some of the coolest people.
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