Néih Hóu to Hong Kong

Néih Hóu to Hong Kong

Hong Kong

1. Chinese food – Chinese food in Hong Kong is amazing, things such as Dim Sum, pork noodle bowls and soups are soo tasty.


2. Electronics shopping – I was getting annoyed that i had to go internet cafe’s to write this blog and to backup my photo’s which takes time, so I decided to buy myself a small laptop, shopping around for quite a few days and i finally found a cool lightweight portable one. Veron also had been eyeing up a new camera, as since we have been travelling, we’ve seen other travellers SLR cameras and the quality was just 1000 times better than ours, so he took the plunge and got himself a new CSC Hybrid Camera. The shops really look after you with giving you every accessory possible for free, cleaning kits, case, mouse… even got a pair of puma socks with my laptop… bit random but didn’t complain.


3. Uni friend catch up – Hadn’t seen my friend Cliff from uni for about 4 years, he moved to Hong Kong. We hooked up, went for some amazing local dinner and then decided to buy ourself a bottle of Jack in a bar. Great to see him.


4. View, Rooftop pools and 4 star hotels – Decided to splash out a bit in Hong Kong and moved between 4 hotels in 7 days with booking every morning a last minute 60% off deal to these lovely 4 star hotels that had swimming pools on the rooftop. I’m telling you, it’s all about waiting until the last possible minute to book a hotel. I also wasn’t too keen on staying at a guesthouse that nearly all the cheap ones were located at Chunking Mansions and i heard allot of dodgy stuff goes on there, so i opted for the nicer option.

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5. Smelly Street – This one street which was near one of the hotels i stayed just stunk like nasty dried seafood. It lasted about 5 minutes walk and i seriously had to hold my breath and cover my nose for most of the journey, i felt like puking at times that’s how bad it was. It’s famous for dried seafood.


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