Nín Hǎo to Macau

Nín Hǎo to Macau


1. Chinese Vegas – So Macau is basically a Chinese version of Las Vegas with similar hotels, the MGM, Venetian and many more. From Hong Kong the chinese people are flying themseves across in 15minute helocicopter flights to gamble for the evening with their wads of cash and then fly back. We took the cheaper option of a ferry acriss, which takes about an hour. The place is just full of casinos and big top name 5 star hotels.

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2. Oktoberfest Macau Style – In the MGM Grand, they were holding an Oktoberfest event. We rolled up in there and it was packed full of mainly chinese people drinking the litre beer glasses of beer and having kegs on their tables. We went straight in and got ourselves some of the huge ass lager glasses. It was all traditional German music, with the German dancers all dressed up. Such a great time.

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3. Cashing in on Casino’s – When your in “Vegas”, you can’t leave without a cheeky gamble. We didn’t really understand their Baccarrat games with the dice so decided to go for the standard Roulette tables. We changed up abour 20quids worth each and shared the chips on the table. So i put my chips down and the dealer spins the wheel… what comes through.. My NUMBER!! yeahhh!! a nice $200plus winnings. Veron says we have to roll again, so we had another go, moving the numbers about. Next spin.. and guess what.. AGAIN!! Luck is on my side, another one of the numbers comes through. Thats another $200 back. Veron then says one more time.. still only playing with our original bet money as the winnings we cashed up. So 3rd time lucky hoping for another win.. what happens next Veron kills me for!! I put my chips down but the dealer leaves my last winning chip on the same number, but i moved it. So i didn’t knoow that usually its one of the so called rules where you always leave the winning chip and roll again the same number. So what happens, the dealer spins and the same number comes through.. Veron and this other chinese dude both cheer for me, but i didn’t get it. It’s because they didin’t realise that i moved the number off, so unfortanately we didn’t win on that spin but not too much lost and a lesson learn’t. Walking away with enough winnings to pay for our extended 4 nights in Macau’s 5star finest hotels.. not a bad night! Thank You Venetian Casino.

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5. Macau food – They make some great food in Macau… we saw some people ordering this beef and fried noodle dish so we ordered it to. Coming out on a hot plate, this was soo delicious.


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