¿Cómo está? to Mexico

¿Cómo está? to Mexico



1. Disco crawl – Rolling solo in Cancun and wanting to party, best way is to sign up to rockstarcrawls that take you to 3 bars/clubs, all inclusive and you can make friends to party with. These clubs are pretty insane.
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2. Tequila and Beer – You know your in mexico when you’ve got an ice cold Corona and some of the local favourite “Tequila Tequila”
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3.Quesadillas – Cancun is touristy, so the prices for food are high… unless you find a place called ‘Las Quekas’ which serve up delicious quesadillas for a fraction of the price, literally under 2 dollars for one.
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4. Resort – Decided to spend a few days relaxing in a resort before moving on for a long trip.
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Playa del Carmen

1. Gadventures group – This was the joining point for meeting my tour for ‘Central American Journey’ with Gadventures

2. Cenotes – These are natural sinkholes which you can go diving or snorkelling in. The crystal clear water allow you to see as far as the light shines as it’s like being in a big bath tub visibility wise.
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4. Tulum – A Mayan site which the ruins are left over.  The city was built near the cliffs on the Yúcatan peninsula.
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5. Dinner – A huge Mexican Fajitas delicious dinner on the beach, that Habanero sauce really spices up your food or shall I say blows your face off. Water pleeaassee!!

6. Magnet – Fridge magnet anyone?

7. Nachos – the usual in a Mexican supermarket

8. Venezuelan food – The only country i didn’t make it to (One of the most dangerous countries in the world, so i skipped it), but I did stop at a restaurant owned by a Venezuelan and had traditional food.
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