Encantado de conocerle to Nicaragua

Encantado de conocerle to Nicaragua



1. Volcano Boarding – Yes you read Correct… VOLCANO BOARDING!! Sounds insane right…? It sure IS!! Hiking up 45minutes to one hour up a steep active volcano called Serro Negro Volcano. You have to carry on your backs the wooden boards. Once at the top, you look down and think ‘what the hell did I sign up to?’. After putting on some overalls and some glasses, you creep to the edge of the massive drop and hold onto the board for your life. Hitting speeds of 50mph and above, flying down the black, stony and ashy volcano with volcanic rocks smashing you in the face the faster you travel. The only way is down and the only way to stop is pray that the board slows down at the bottom. Completely out of control half way down with little visibility, you are holding on soo tight that you just hope your going to stop. What an AWESOME and INSANE experience.
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Lake Ometape
1. Homestay – A homestay with a family organised by Gadventures. Another cool family and they are so welcoming. This project is part of their livelihood and helps them financially by us staying there. They cooked us dinner and breakfast and with the little Spanish I knew, we were able to converse again (more thanks to the other two guys with me who knew allot more Spanish than me)
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2. Volcanic beach – A Volcanic beach that we chilled at for a while. Pretty cool, as not many places can you say you have been to a volcanic beach. The sand was soo hot that to get to the water you had to run otherwise your feet would get burnt.
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3. Active volcano – hike to view one of the active volcanoes on the islands of Ometape.
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4. Piñata –  Being one of the girls on our tours birthdays, we had a party night. Only ever seeing a piñata on American shows, it was actually new to me and sooo much fun. All those sweets dropping out the piñata, a fun evening with the crew.
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5. Volcanic Swimming Pool – A day spent swimming in very clear but interesting smelling water. Pretty cool though as it’s a very long crater in a volcano.
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    Posted at 12:33h, 14 May

    Hay esperanza, Rikki. Parece que los chinos no van construir el canal, afinal.

  • badaajoshi
    Posted at 12:34h, 14 May

    And congratulations on your Malawi gig. May the force be with you.

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