A Previous Trip… Objective: a frankfurter in frankfurt

A Previous Trip… Objective: a frankfurter in frankfurt

This is a post from my previous holiday,  just to give you an idea of the things I get upto…


Right, so me and my friend Veron were both on different flights, he was flying back the day after me .. But also having a stopover in Frankfurt. The bet was that we both had to have proof that we wondered the city of Frankfurt and ate a Frankfurter.

Now my story goes.. I landed in Frankfurt at 8pm and my flight back to London was at 6a.m. My plan was to head into the city centre in Frankfurt, find a frankfurter and head back to sleep in the airport until my flight…

So I took the train into the city centre… Wandered around, found a hostel and got a map… Whilst roaming the roads i overhear 2guys and 2girls talking in English, so I asked them where can i find a bar or food… They kindly mentioned they are heading to an outdoor wine festival and asked me to join.. How could I turn this offer down? So after a few wine glasses at this festival, I expressed my desire to eat a frankfurter as I did not want to lose my bet.. I think they thought I was kidding at first, but then realised I was actually being serious… They guided me to try a curry flavoured frankfurter as this is famous in Frankfurt (can’t say it was all that, but hay MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!) …


I then said thanks and headed towards the station… I heard my name being called in the backdrop and the four randoms I met kindly offered for me to join them for a bottle of wine back at their apartment and let me crash for the night and head out in the morning to catch my flight…. I was a bit skeptical at first,,but hay I think this was Karma for giving that random dude a 2 hour lift in Turkey from the middle of nowhere and dropped him in the middle of nowhere… So I took the plunge .. They also had wifi so I sent my evidence to Veron who was shocked that I followed through with the bet.

Safely made it to the airport the next morning, london city airport at 7.30a.m. And arrived at my desk Monday morning with a minute to spare… Call that timing or what?!

To my delight.. a few hours sitting at my desk and I receive a picture from Veron… munching a Frankfurter is his hand! Hiifiiive…. held is end of the bet.. Good work!

  • badaajoshi
    Posted at 10:32h, 21 August

    Ricky, how about a hamburger in Hamburg?

    • DreamyAdventure
      Posted at 05:20h, 03 September

      This is now a must do thing.. once its complete moon man.. i will sure take a pic and send it to you

    • DreamyAdventure
      Posted at 17:19h, 03 September

      Yes i think this is now something i am going to have to do…the day i do it.. I’ll send you a pic moon man

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